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Mühlen Sohn corrugator belts are specially developed for use in the heating and tracking section of corrugators. Their four tasks are smooth transport, straight running characteristics, pressure and contact with the heating plates and best possible drying of the corrugated board.

The belts are exposed to considerable stress in the form of temperature, ballast system pressure, friction, tension and moisture. Mühlen Sohn corrugator belts consist of high-tensile, heat and abrasion-resistant fibers that give the belts excellent pulling and transport characteristics. This guarantees safety and reliability during your production process.

Mühlen Sohn corrugator belts are universally applicable – on all machine types known to us worldwide! They are used particularly successfully on modern high-performance corrugators. Moreover, our corrugator belts were developed specially for machines with balast rolls, air hoods or surface pressure loading systems. No matter what your production requires – Mühlen Sohn offers the suitable product for every application.

AQUA PULL S: the all-rounder of corrugator belts

AQUA PULL AE: with woven-in edge protection

AQUA ULTRA: for high-speed corrugating machines

AQUA ULTRA AE: with woven-in edge reinforcement

AQUA RUN: ideal for fine boards

AQUA RUN AE: with woven-in edge reinforcement

MAX PULL S: the bottom belt for all system types

MAX PULL Antistatic: the antistatic corrugator belt