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FLUITEX® - used all over the world

Mühlen Sohn has been a driving force with innovative development for many years, around everything to do with the profitable transport and storage of bulk powder goods. Today, the FLUITEX® fluidising fabrics are used all over the world in the most diverse industries. From the cement industry to the pharmaceutical industry to coal-fired power stations - Fluitex® fluidising fabrics are used everywhere. The reason is very simple: their outstanding transport characteristics reduce energy requirements and increase profitability of production. They can easily be adjusted to specific customer requirements.

Areas of application

Installed in

  • Pneumatic loading and unloading systems
  • Air slides
  • Storage and homogenising silos
  • Discharge cones
  • Whirl sintering tanks
  • Fly-ash


What do you need?
  • High wear resistance
  • Even air permeability/even pressure drop
  • Exact dimensional accuracy
  • Faster discharge times