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Fluitex® – a synonym for bespoke work

Mühlen Sohn has been manufacturing FLUITEX® fluidizing fabrics for decades. Many years of experience, along with close collaboration with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), have allowed us to align our fabrics with identified requirements. Weaving technology and choice of material are the key criteria for uniform, trouble-free bulk goods transport and fast, total discharge.

An important aspect of this is the constant, even air permeability provided by our highly developed weaving technology. Our quality system guarantees that our fabrics comply with the required specifications, meter after meter.

Our use of high quality yarns and our special weaving technology minimizes abrasion, with an extremely positive impact on fabric lifetimes. As a result, fabrics need changing less often and system downtime is heavily reduced.

Our broad product portfolio offers solutions for all bulk materials transportation, storage, homogenization or discharge applications. We also produce meta-aramid or para-aramid fiber fabrics suitable for high-temperature applications and acid- or lye-influenced environments. And we have developed a polyester fabric with woven-in anti-static fibers to prevent static charging. Moreover we can offer you thermofixing of our fabrics for utmost dimension stability.

At a glance
  • Solutions for the transport and storage of bulk powder goods
  • Shining, even surface
  • Top quality raw materials
  • Used all over the world
  • Broad and customer-specific product range