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Mühlen Sohn has been making technical advances in product development for well over a century. Today we develop, produce and sell high-quality heavy-duty fabrics for technically demanding applications. We see ourselves primarily as a manufacturer but also as a skilled and innovative development and service OEM partner in mechanical and plant engineering.


Our combination of tradition and innovation is the key to our success. We have been bringing new impulse to our sector ever since the firm was first established. In today’s highly competitive mechanical and plant engineering market this makes us not only a constant presence but synonymous with quality and technology leadership. We are the global market leader in corrugator belts and one of the world’s top 3 suppliers of fluidizing fabrics. Our export quota about 90 %.


Reliability, down-to-earth, professionalism and quality are increasingly important to competitive edge in a business where the pace of change is constantly increasing. The way we operate is oriented towards sustainability, customers, goals and results. Our efforts are not aimed at short-term success; we set great store on reliable long-term development. As an owner-operated family business, we pay particular attention to ensuring we have a solid financial base. All of this means performance you can rely on, and the right prerequisites for long-term partnership.

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